Among Us: new The Airship map already has a release date


Among Us was the most popular video game in 2020. However, its producer Innersloth continues to work on the development and evolution of the multiplayer title. The launch of the new The Airship map is right there on the doorstep and the publisher itself confirmed the launch date.

According to the publication on the official website of Innersloth , The Airship will be released on March 31. According to Innersloth, the new map will be the argest map ever included in the game. Further, the new map will bring new tasks for the ship’s crew, different starting points of the game and a system of personal gambling accounts.

Innersloth had already revealed to the public the official trailer for the new map of Among Us and, despite the prominence among the new content, Innersloth considers it to be of great importance to add the account system (albeit on a preliminary basis) in order to be able to control players’ rules of conduct.

Among Us: The Airship will bring more content that will give players new challenges

Launched in 2018, Among Us had a real boom in 2020 during the pandemic, becoming the main sensation of the year and reaching 500 million monthly players in November 2020. These impressive numbers led Innersloth to cancel plans for the launch of a second edition of the game, focusing entirely on developing the current platform so as not to lose pace at the peak of the game’s popularity.

In order to keep players interested, Innersloth now brings more content to Among Us in the form of a new map, which may be important to keep the game experience interesting. Although most players are limited to playing on the main map The Skeld , The Airship will already be the fourth map of Among Us, joining MIRA HQ and Polus 

Source: Innersloth


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