Android Auto has a new feature that you will love!


Android Auto is increasingly used in the latest cars. Therefore, it is normal for the enthusiasm for new updates to be above what was usual. The new update brings a feature that you will simply love. With the new feature you will be able to share your car screen with two different Apps.

Android Auto brings split screen in new update

Therefore, with this new update you will be able to have Google Maps on one side of the screen and Spotify (for example) on the other side. This new feature will give users less distraction when driving. In addition, it is perfect for those who like to always skip music.

It is worth mentioning that not all applications will be able to share the screen. This is expected to change once the update is in more users.

When the new update arrives on your Android Auto

The update is already starting to reach some users. However, there are still no concrete dates for when it will reach everyone. We only know that the update is coming out and that this update has just become one of the most relevant of recent times in the system.

At this moment Android Auto is in tune with Apple Car Play as the best software for using cars. We just hope that Google continues to improve the system and does not leave it abandoned as it has done with other applications and services in the past.


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