Apple Glass will adjust to the vision of each user

Apple Glass

For some time now, there has been talk with greater insistence about an eye glasses under development by Apple. A set of patents now reveals that Apple Glass can even incorporate lenses that automatically adjust to the visual acuity of each user in order to always present the best image possible.

Until now, it was thought that it would be possible to equip Apple Glass with prescribed and adjusted lenses for each individual user, but the Cupertino brand seems more interested in embracing an adaptive technology capable of measuring the characteristics of each eye.

If confirmed, Apple will only have to manufacture a single version of the device, which will be able to automatically adapt to the characteristics of each one. Vision monitoring will be carried out by the cameras and other sensors present in the device, providing a more comfortable and integrated experience.

Apple Glass
Detail from the patent showing one arrangement of lenses

Apple Glass will always offer the best possible image to each user

The system will then be able to adapt each of the lenses in order to better meet the particular needs through the orientation of the liquid crystals of the pixels.

It will not be difficult to imagine that this type of system can bring benefits to the health monitoring of Apple Glass owners, especially if each adjustment is kept and can be observed by specialists. The Apple Glass can then serve as a kind of permanent eye analysis instrument, capable of registering changes in the visual acuity of each one.

In addition to the technological benefits of this new product, Apple may be trying to simultaneously create an device capable of greatly improving the lives of people with more visual problems. As always, a patent does not mean that a certain technology will be integrated into a product. However, the benefits of these adjustable lenses seem to be many and certainly American technology will be interested in using them to better serve its customers.

via: Appleinsider


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