Discord is on sale and Microsoft can make unbelievable investment


Microsoft is again considering possible investments in the gaming world. This time around, it looks like your next purchase may be Discord, the most popular communication platform for gamers.

The information was reported by Bloomberg, revealing that Microsoft may be considering an investment of more than $ 10 billion to buy Discord.

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The numbers are really impressive, but they are supported by the most recent valuation of the messaging platform made at the end of last year, valuing its value at 7 billion dollars.


It has also recently been revealed that Discord is considering several options for its near future, one of which is selling. In addition to the sale, the company is also considering launching on the stock exchange, taking advantage of the great hype of today around the shares of companies related to the gaming world.

Microsoft continues to invest fortunes to strengthen its presence in the gaming world

Since the launch of its new consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft has continued to invest a lot of money in the world of video games. His most recent investment was the purchase of studios ZeniMax and Bethesda for a value of around $ 7.5 billion.

Discord was one of the services that benefited from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting itself as the perfect platform to create communication groups thanks to the great organization options, such as creating specific rooms for different topics.

In addition, tools such as chat rooms, support for video calling and also screen sharing can make Discord stand out from many of its rivals.

Many users already fear a possible disappearance of Discord

Although this possible purchase could mean a giant leap in terms of the level of communication on the various Microsoft platforms, it also creates a sense of fear among Discord users.

Shortly after this possible acquisition by Microsoft was announced, several users turned to Twitter to voice their concerns. Over the past few years, we have seen Microsoft relegate Skype to the background and eliminate it in a surprise with its game streaming platform, Mixer.

In the case of Mixer, the situation was even more worrying, considering the unbelievable investment made in the acquisition of exclusive rights for some of the biggest streamers today.

via: Bloomberg



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