Donald Trump: banned from Twitter will launch his own social network this summer


Former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, was the target of accusations of incitement to revolt and violence during the invasion of the US Capitol that took place in January this year. The repercussions were also felt in terms of his usual presence on social networks, with the tycoon being permanently banned from Twitter, his platform of choice.

Unhappy with the situation, Trump will now be preparing to launch his own social network. The news was reported by one of its advisors, Jason Miller, during an interview with Fox News. Apparently, Donald Trump’s social network will arrive by the beginning of this summer and will aim to compete with the colossi Facebook and Twitter.


Donald Trump wants to take revenge on Twitter with his own social network

After losing the last elections and refusing to accept his opponent’s victory without a recount of the votes, Donald Trump was accused by many of having encouraged a revolution that resulted in the invasion of the Capitol and that even caused the death of some people.

Given the gravity of the situation, Facebook and Twitter decided to block Trump from their platforms. Several of its supporters abandoned these networks as a form of protest, but the sanctions were not lifted or even reduced. On the contrary, Twitter has even decided to ban the former President permanently, leaving him without his platform of choice to give voice to his ideas.

For now, nothing is known about this alleged new social network by Donald Trump, but it will certainly not be easy to put the idea into practice. In addition to operational and regulatory challenges, Trump will still have to fight his past if he is to take this initiative seriously. It is to be expected that this new platform will be based on a conservative basis, but only time will tell if we are not facing a project that will never see the light of day.

We will even have to wait until the beginning of this summer to see if we can take this alleged Donald Trump social network seriously, capable of giving the former President a voice on the internet and some of the pride lost over the past few months.

via: The Guardian


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