Google Fit revolutionizes what you can do with your smartphone camera


Google has already confirmed that on March 8 (Monday), it will launch a new update for its Google Fit application. This update will implement a feature that promises to revolutionize your smartphone’s camera. Even though the use of Smartwatches and smart bands is more and more common among users, now it won’t be necessary for you to be able to measure your heartbeat. 

These new capabilities of the Google Fit application arrive with the clear objective of being able to offer its users a more complete, detailed and practical user experience.

Google Fit app will help you measure your heart rate

Basically, using your smartphone’s camera, you’ll be able to quickly measure your heart rate. The application will also be able to calculate the speed at which you breathe, but this feature will not be that easy, or practical, to use.

In the case of heart rate measurement, it will work in a very simple way. After activating the feature, you just need to place your indicator over the rear camera with a slight pressure. By analyzing small color changes on your finger, the camera is able to calculate the rhythm of your heartbeat.

To calculate the breathing rhythm it will be a little more complicated. You need to be able to place the smartphone on a stable surface and remain with the trunk clearly visible in the front camera for 30 seconds. By observing small movements in your chest, the application calculates the number of breaths per minute.

Obviously, we need to wait until the features are released for all users so that it can be tested for reliability. Although they can present interesting results, they will hardly be able to compete with the sensors integrated in smartwatches and smart bands.

via: Engadget


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