Here comes a Nintendo Switch with a 7-inch 4K OLED screen


Nintendo will be developing a new version of the Switch console. The new Nintendo Switch will feature a OLED screen. According to a report from Bloomberg, the said panel will be produced by Samsung. Furthermore. In terms of resolution, it is expected to be able to play 4K content, but details on any hardware improvements are not known.

The original Nintendo  Switch has an Nvidia Tegra processor. Display wise it has 6.2-inch screen (5.5 ”in the case of Switch Lite) and was in high demand, especially during the pandemic. Changing the screen option can lead to greater autonomy. However,  It’s unclear if the shell of the console will get larger, or the bezel will just be reduce to keep a similar form factor.

Moreover, in term of launch the new Nintendo Switch with a 7-inch 4K OLED screen, suppose to go for  mass production starting in June would mean that it’s on track to release this holiday or early next year if Nintendo want to launch with more stock. For comparison, the PS5 also started production in June ahead of it’s November release date.

We’ll keep you posted if any more information comes out. It’s fairly unlikely that Nintendo will reveal this console well in advance, as sales of the Switch are still incredibly strong, so I highly doubt we’ll be hearing anything from them in the next month or two.


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