Lenovo prepares new Android tablet with Snapdragon 870 to threaten Samsung’s dominance


Lenovo is firmly committed to diversifying its portfolio of offerings for the Android market, and will now be committed to the launch of a new tablet equipped with top specifications. The biggest highlight will certainly be the inclusion of a Snapdragon 870 processor in order to be able to go head-to-head with the best equipment currently on the market.

The revelation was made by the person responsible for the brand’s Notebook products, who shared an image on the tablet’s Settings page on social networks. In addition to Qualcomm’s CPU, this new offer should also provide the user with 8 GB of RAM and various storage configurations, including 128 GB of ROM.

Lenovo tablet
Lin Lin’s post on the Weibo social network

Lenovo may be the biggest threat to Samsung in the premium Android tablet market

The Android tablet market is not lavish on top-of-the-range offerings, and the equipment that stands out most often forms part of Samsung’s alignment. Other brands, like Xiaomi, also offer good devices with competitive prices but the truth is that it is not a segment that moves many units.

Lenovo now looks set to fight for dominance in yet another market segment, strengthening its position vis-à-vis major rivals on the Android side. The brand has grown considerably in recent years and the strategy seems to involve diversifying the portfolio as a way of reaching the largest possible number of people.

Little more is known at the moment about this alleged tablet, but the use of the Snapdragon 870 fully demonstrates that Lenovo wants to bet strongly on a solution capable of making Samsung’s usual customers think twice.

If the alleged specifications now revealed are joined by a competent OLED screen and perhaps some distinct functionality such as the inclusion of a projector, we will be facing a serious case with everything to dethrone Samsung. This, of course, if the price is also able to please the public.

via: xda-developers



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