OnePlus Watch has its price revealed before launch and it couldn’t be more surprising!


Thanks to the culture of leaks, the carelessness of OnePlus itself and the revelations of the operator T-Mobile there is already very little to know about the OnePlus Watch. After the confirmation of its visual aspect and its main specifications, the alleged price of the OnePlus Watch has now appeared on the internet, which it seems will be sold for € 150 on the European continent i.e. around 12,964 Indian Rupees.

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The information comes through the well-known leaker Ishan Agarwal, who turned to social media to reveal the surprising price of the OnePlus Watch. Agarwal also advances, however, that the price may be different in other regions of the globe, due to the conversion rates and taxes to which this type of devices are subject.

OnePlus Watch will be relatively inexpensive and the gateway to the brand in this segment

If confirmed, it seems that OnePlus has decided to invest in a strategy of seeking to make available a wearable capable of pleasing both the specifications and the price. The brand will be betting on using the OnePlus Watch as a precursor to its entry into the smartwatch market, which for now continues to be dominated by Apple.

The price of the OnePlus Watch seems quite reasonable if we look at everything it should offer us. IP68 certified, Warp charging that allows a week of use with only 20 minutes of charge and 4 GB of internal storage are just some of its main weapons.

If we add to this the monitoring of sleep, stress, oxygen saturation in the blood and heart rate, we are facing one of the best products on the market if the price-quality ratio is evaluated. As expected, in addition to features oriented to the health of the user, the OnePlus Watch will also allow the control of your notifications and calls.

The OnePlus smartwatch has a presentation scheduled for tomorrow, when we will still get to know the smartphones of the OnePlus 9 series.

via: Android Central


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