Windows 10: Microsoft begins to show new visual aspect of the operating system


Microsoft has recently started making an experimental version of its Windows 10 operating system available to users of the Insideres program, offering a glimpse into some of the visual changes it plans to introduce in version 21H2 that arrives next fall.

Build 21343 (RS_PRERELEASE) can already be installed by all Insiders enrolled in the Windows Insider Program’s Dev Channel and arrives loaded with visual gifts, from which stand out new icons in the File Explorer and numerous corrections to the operation of the operating system.

Windows 10 will finally arrive with its face washed in the fall of this year

Windows 10
Some of the changes to File Explorer icons made by Microsoft

The work that now begins to be presented started already last year with the changes made to the applications cooked in Windows 10. Since then the company has changed more or less subtly several icons, such as Windows Security, Narrator and more recently from Notepad.

Users should be aware that the custom folders highlighted in Quick Access will disappear, having to proceed with the operation again or waiting for Microsoft to launch an update that automatically returns the functionality.

The idea behind this visual changes is to bring Windows 10 more in line with the rest of the market offerings and allow greater consistency across all Microsoft products. One of the advantages is the possibility to more easily distinguish the main folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Images). The changes also includes a new icon for Recycling, even if it only undergoes a change of perspective as we can see in the image above.

The American giant promises to continue to update elements of its operating system over the next few months, culminating with the launch of “Project Sun Valley” in the final quarter of this year.

via: Engadget


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