Windows 10X: Simplified version of Microsoft OS will arrive later this year


Microsoft seems determined to launch Windows 10X in the last quarter of this year, after having postponed the arrival of the simplified version of its operating system named Windows 10X in order to make some necessary adjustments to improve its capabilities. What’s more, the American giant Microsoft wants to have a consistent version of Windows 10X by the end of this spring and then file just a few rough edges.

This version of the popular operating system is aimed at devices with lesser hardware capabilities, having all the potential to be a hit with less powerful computer owners who have a hard time dealing with the traditional version of Windows 10.

Windows 10X intends to be the option of choice for those using systems with older hardware, fundamentally in view of the pre-built and educational equipment markets. As it is a very simplified version of Windows 10, it will run quite smoothly on the most limited devices.

The interface and features of this new version of the OS were designed to offer the essentials of modern computing, without the complications necessary for high performance tasks. At the center of the experience will be the web apps and the Microsoft Edge browser, which the company considers to be the best tool for those who want to perform only the most basic functions.

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There are some similarities between this Windows 10X and ChromeOS, with Microsoft never hiding that this is its answer to Chromebooks, which are increasingly taking over part of its market share. With this version of Windows, Microsoft believes it can create a successful product that could benefit a considerable portion of users, especially in peripheral markets.

The great difficulty of the American giant will be to convince users that this is a version of Windows 10 with its own value and worth its money, and not just a simplified version of the traditional OS that few will be interested in adopting.

via: Windows Central


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