The latest (2nd) test version (beta version) of Android 12L is now available, the update dedicated to foldable smartphones, tablets, as well as other large-screen mobile devices. Next, we present the list of compatible equipment, as well as some of the main novelties introduced in this trial version.

Although Android 12 was recently released by Google in October 2021, the American technology company has a new tranche of news for its mobile devices. A range of improvements dedicated to the niche of foldable smartphones that are also already gaining expression in the market.

The latest beta version of Android 12 for tablets and foldables has arrived

The new build was announced recently, with the respective release notes cataloging it as an incremental update for developers.

Indeed, developers are encouraged to start testing the compatibility of their applications, SDK’s and libraries, in addition to providing compatible versions and complicating applications with the official SDK 32 API in cases where this proves necessary.

It should also be noted that a third test version (beta) will arrive during the next month of February 2022. This will be, according to Google, the last Android 12 test build to arrive during the first quarter of the year.

System UI adapted to folding format and large screens

The primacy now given to the big screen was already expected by the North American technology company. In fact, as the publication above shows, focusing on the productivity that we can obtain from these larger devices.

With the new firmware available from now on, Google incorporates the correction of several errors found in the first compilation of tests, in addition to better adapting the UI to the foldable format. This also paves the way for the next improvements to be introduced with the third test release.

Among the practical fixes and improvements of Android 12 L is the lock screen clock, which, until then, had presentation errors. In practice, it did not appear centered, or the application icons that sometimes were not displayed.

List of Google smartphones compatible with Android 12L (Download Link)

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