Photoshop on the web

Adobe is one of the leading software company well known for its photo and video editing and other software, is now introduced it one of the most used photo editing software’s i.e. Adobe Photoshop for web. The company has revealed plans to offer a freemium version of Photoshop that will work on the web, and has begun testing a free version for users in Canada.

If we talk about the Adobe Photoshop for web, Adobe plans to offers a simplified version with just the core features of Photoshop for free, but in order to use more powerful tools, users will need to pay for a Photoshop subscription fee. Adobe’s plan is to make users try out Photoshop before they actually buy the full version of Adobe Photoshop.

As of now Adobe Photoshop is available to use in multiple platform that include desktop, both on PC and macOS, the app offers the widest amount of features, but it costs. On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop for Android and iOS, the service offers a freemium service, providing free access to the basic tools, and locking some features behind a subscription fees.

Furthermore, Adobe has not released a timeline yet for when Photoshop on the web will become a freemium service. But, theĀ free version of Adobe Photoshop on the web is currently being tested in Canada as of now, and is expected to roll out for more users soon.


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