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Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft widely deploys its annual update

Windows 10 w630
Microsoft is currently rolling out its Windows 10 22H2 update.


Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft widely deploys its annual update

A month after starting to roll out the annual Windows 11 feature update, Microsoft is doing the same for Windows 10. On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 22H2, its one and only “feature update” for Windows 10. This year. This version, available now for all users, gives access to a new tabbed file explorer, suggested actions, an overflowing taskbar as well as many other features already available on Windows 11 22H2.

Microsoft management has been tight-lipped on Windows 10 22H2’s feature list. However, it said they would be available as an “extended feature set”. A way for the Redmond firm to clarify that this feature update is small enough to be delivered via an activation package that activates the new features, which will make the update process quick and easy for those using already the previous version, namely Windows 10 21H2.

Microsoft management still refuses to say how many of the 1.4 billion monthly active users of Windows 10 and 11 combined are on Windows 10. Still, most observers agree that there are still relatively few. few who use Windows 11 a year after its initial introduction. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 2025.

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