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Google could launch the Pixel 7a earlier than planned

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Google could launch the Pixel 7a earlier than planned

Google recently launched the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. But a new leak suggests that the search engine giant could also be refreshing the Pixel 6a soon. On the website of the online retailer Amazon, users are already being asked to register for the announcement of the Pixel 7a. However, the actual release date has not yet been announced.

  • Amazon has leaked the Google Pixel 7a.
  • Google’s Pixel 7a could be accompanied by a 5G variant.
  • The price and release date of the Google Pixel 7a are unknown.

Amazon asks about interest in Google Pixel 7a

In a media report by the online magazine ” GSMArena “, the colleagues say that they have received a few screenshots from the mobile Amazon app. Apparently, the online retailer is already sending out invitations for the upcoming Google Pixel 7a. At the same time, there is also talk of the “Pixel 7a family”, which means that Google could introduce several devices. But it’s likely that the other device is just a 5G variant of the Pixel 7a and not a Plus or Mini model.

pixel 7a

Apart from the existence of the Pixel 7a, there have been rumors before that the mid-range smartphone will be launched much earlier than planned. Unfortunately, the exact date is still not known. Here, however, we assume that it will already be in early 2023 and not in August 2023.

Pixel 7a specifications and price

The Pixel 7a is expected to inherit most of the hardware specs from the Pixel 7 series, with some tweaks to accommodate the lower price point. It will arguably benefit from the latest Tensor G2 chipset and a downsized camera module. The display could finally be upgraded to 90 Hertz, as the Pixel 6a had come under criticism for lacking this feature.

As for price, the Pixel 6a launched with a retail price of $449. It’s since been heavily discounted and Google doesn’t seem to have any plans to return it to its original price. Therefore, it is likely that the Google Pixel 7a will launch at the same price.

Do you think a faster display will make the Google Pixel 7a a better upgrade from the Pixel 6a? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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