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Twitter is discontinuing free API access and introducing a paid version

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Twitter is discontinuing free API access and introducing a paid version

Twitter recently made a considerable progress towards making money from the platform by no longer providing free access to its API starting on the 9th of February.

Twitter has implemented fresh regulations for developers, which include blocking outside clients from accessing the microblogging website. These modifications are part of their effort to gain more income and ensure the platform’s future as a successful venture.

Twitter is terminating its v1.1 and v2 application programming interface (API) support and is introducing a version that requires payment; however, the company has yet to disclose any pricing information. This change may lead to some app developers having to close down their services or charge users for primary usage. Developers often employ the Twitter API to create bots that provide weather updates and other info, and this alteration could potentially have an effect on studies related to prejudice and false information.

Twitter intends to maintain access to its data sets for developers, though it has yet to confirm if this includes free API usage for researchers. This alteration may have a significant impact on the ecosystem, especially since the connection between Twitter and developers has been strained.

Twitter reinforced its dedication to providing quick and thorough access to its data, which is known to be one of the most powerful in the world. The business wishes to carry on encouraging developers and their work. Additional information about their strategies will be announced within the following week.

Support for unrestricted access to the Twitter API versions 1.1 and 2 will end on February 9th. Instead, a basic paid plan will be available for users. To get more information on the Twitter API – follow this link.

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