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Upcoming WhatsApp Features: Document Sharing, Calling Shortcuts, and Pinned Messages



Upcoming WhatsApp Features: Document Sharing, Calling Shortcuts, and Pinned Messages

After the Android version of Voice status updates was made available to the public, WhatsApp is reportedly developing features such as Document banner, Calling shortcut, and Pinned messages, according to the latest news from WaBetaInfo.

Pinned messages
WhatsApp Pinned Messages 459x1024 1

WhatsApp is in the process of introducing a feature that will allow users to pin messages in chats and groups. This will make it easier to keep track of significant messages in conversations.

If the person using WhatsApp is not up-to-date with the version, a notice will be presented to them to upgrade. This will help keep groups better organized and make it easier to find important messages.

Calling shortcut

WhatsApp Calling Shortcut 459x1024 1

This feature allows users to save time by creating a shortcut on their home screen that will dial the same contact each time. This will make the call process more efficient for those who frequently call the same person and do not want to go through the process of opening the app and searching for the contact.

2GB File sharing Document banner

WhatsApp 2GB File Sharing Document Banner 458x1024 1

In May of 2022, WhatsApp raised the maximum file size limit that can be shared from 100MB to 2GB, though not everyone is aware of this. To make sure people are informed, WhatsApp intends to add a banner to the app through a future update.

The screenshot depicted beneath demonstrates that a flag will be visible in the document exploration region informing users that they can now share files with a maximum 2GB capacity. This will help spread the word and motivate people to give the feature a try.


The features mentioned above are still being worked on in beta versions of v2.23.3.13/15/17, and will be included in a later version of the app. Additionally, WhatsApp is focusing on other improvements like Chat transfer, Block shortcut, a new Camera mode, and more.

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