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Google Chrome for Android will soon have a ‘quick delete’ option

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Google Chrome for Android will soon have a ‘quick delete’ option

It appears that Google Chrome on Android may soon have a “quick delete” function, as code changes have been noticed on Chromium Gerrit. This feature would give users a more efficient way to clear their browsing history, which is in line with Google’s statement from I/O 2021 that users can quickly delete their last 15 minutes of search queries on Android and iOS apps.

9to5Google discovered a flag in Gerrit which does not give any indication of whether the “quick delete” function in Google Chrome for Android will clear browsing and user account data. This is still unclear for the time being. Although the idea of this feature is interesting, it is not a completely innovative concept.

Google recently launched an update to their Android app that allows users to quickly and conveniently erase their search and account history within the last 15 minutes with the push of a button, instead of needing to go through the settings.

Quick delete: Add feature flag for quick delete on Android
Quick delete: Add feature flag for quick delete on Android

Google is giving its users the opportunity to choose extra privacy settings, although this may not be useful for everybody. For those who don’t want to leave any trace of their browsing online, Chrome’s Incognito Mode or a privacy-oriented browser that doesn’t store any data can be used.

Moreover, deploying a VPN can bring added protection with a multi-faceted strategy. The “erase swiftly” option has been seen in the Chromium Gerrit, but there is a chance it won’t be incorporated in the ultimate version of Chrome for Android.


It is unclear what the “quick delete” feature is capable of, such as whether it will enable users to erase their browsing history or other account activities. This feature has only been seen in the Android version of Chrome.

It appears probable that users of iOS, PCs, and Macs will be able to access Google’s new feature in the near future. 9to5Google has noted that this is not the first time Google has presented such a capability.


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