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Apple releases new privacy and security improvements for Messages, Safari, and other products

Apple announced its latest privacy and security advancements at WWDC, reinforcing its commitment to user privacy as a basic human right. Significant improvements have been made to Safari Private Browsing, Communication Safety, Lockdown Mode, and app privacy in these releases.

Improved User Data Privacy Controls

Apple WWDC
Safari Private Browsing windows

Apple’s Safari Private Browsing, launched years ago, now provides better protection against trackers and unauthorized access to customers’ devices.

Advanced tracking and fingerprinting protections assist in preventing websites from tracking or identifying users’ devices. Furthermore, when not in use, Private Browsing now locks, allowing users to keep private tabs open even when away from their devices.

Apple WWDC
Photos Privacy Permission

Photos Privacy Permission has been enhanced with the addition of a new integrated Photos picker. Users can share specific photos with apps while keeping the rest of their collection private with this functionality. When apps seek access to their complete photo library, users will be given additional information about what they are sharing as well as occasional reminders of their choice.

Messages, Mail, and Safari Private Browsing now have Link Tracking Protection. This update removes unnecessary tracking information from links shared in these apps, protecting user privacy while keeping the links functioning.

Apple has also made major changes to app privacy. Developers may now find out more about the data practices of third-party software development kits (SDKs) that they employ in their products. This allows them to give more accurate Privacy Nutrition Labels while also improving the integrity of the software supply chain by allowing signatures for third-party SDKs, which adds an extra layer of protection against exploitation.

Features to Protect User Safety

Apple WWDC
Communication Safety

Apple has added Communication Safety, which is intended to safeguard youngsters from explicit content in Messages. This function, which can now be integrated into third-party programmes, now includes video content in addition to still photographs. Sensitive Content Warning has been implemented to assist adult users in avoiding unwelcome nude photos and videos in a variety of apps.

Apple WWDC
Sensitive Content Warning

Apple has updated password and passkey sharing, allowing users to create password-sharing groups, to protect user data.

Apple WWDC
Share passwords and passkeys with groups

Lockdown Mode has been enhanced to give more protection against mercenary spyware, including safer wireless networking defaults, media handling, sandboxing, and network security enhancements.

Apple WWDC
Lockdown Mode

Apple has also included new features that prioritize privacy and security. Check In allows users to notify certain contacts when they have safely arrived at their location. Through AirDrop, NameDrop enables the secure transmission of contact information and documents. Live Voicemail allows users to answer calls in real time by providing live transcriptions of incoming voicemail messages.


These enhancements will be made available for free later this year as part of software updates.

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